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Selected Publications

Riedy, R., Penuel, W.R. (2022). Dignity-affirming care in research practice partnerships. Peabody Journal of Education.

Riedy, R., Van Horne, K., Bell, P., Penuel, B., Neill, T., & Shaw, S. (2018). Mapping networks to help education leaders gain insights into complex educational systems. International Society of the Learning Sciences, Inc.[ISLS]..

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Farrell C.C., Penuel, W.R., Arce-Trigatti, P., Soland, J., Singleton, C.,  Fox Resnick, A.,  Stamatis, K., Riedy, R., Henrick, E.,  Sexton, S., Wellberg, S., Daniel Schmidt, D. (under review, 2023) Designing Measures of Complex Collaborations with Participatory, Evidence-Centered Design. Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics


Farrell, C.C., Singleton, C., Stamatis, K., Riedy, R., Arce-Trigatti, P, Penuel, W.R. (2023). Conceptions and Practices Toward Equity in Research-Practice Partnerships. Education Policy.


Hopkins, M., Weddle, H., Riedy, R., Caduff, A., Matsukata, L., & Sweet, T. M. (2022). Critical Social Network Analysis as a Method for Examining How Power Mediates Improvement Efforts. The Foundational Handbook on Improvement Research in Education, 403.


Hinojosa, L., Riedy, R., Polman, J., Swanson, R., Nuessle, T., & Garneau, N. (2021). Expanding Public Participation in Science Practices Beyond Data Collection. Citizen Science: Theory and Practice, 6(1).


Polman, J. L., Riedy, R., & Hinojosa, L. (2020). The Importance of Aiming for Practical Wisdom: Why We Should Nest Epistemic Goals in Phronetic Goals for Learning. 4.


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Davidson, K., Bell, A., Riedy, R., Sandoval, C., Wegemer, C., Clark, T., Farrell, C., Fishman, B., Russell, J., Penuel, W. R., & others. (2020). Preparing researchers to participate in collaborative research.


Wingert, K., Riedy, R., Campanella, M., & Penuel, W. R. (2020). Equity across state systems: Possibilities and tensions in understanding scale.

Farrell, C. C., Davidson, K. L., Repko-Erwin, M., Penuel, W. R., Quantz, M., Wong, H., ... & Brink, Z. (2018). A Descriptive Study of the IES Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships in Education Research Program: Final Report. Technical Report No. 3. National Center for Research in Policy and Practice.

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