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Consulting Services

I am an equity oriented learning researcher focused on working flexibly to meet the diverse needs of research and evaluation clients. I am particularly interested in leveraging research practice partnerships as a means of improving communities while ensuring that these partnerships are impactful and dignity-affirming for participants.

Formative Evaluation and Program Design

Do you have a big vision for health equity, education, or community impact? Using the tools of improvement science, developmental evaluation, and formative evaluation, I can help you map out and assess your work for maximum impact.


Research to Support Families and Communites

I work with organizations, researchers, and research-practice partnerships to help stakeholders build relationships, set goals, determine values, and work together for collective action. I have found that the most successful partnerships have someone dedicated to developing and maintaining the health of the partnership. I can collaborate on project initiation, instrument development, and more.


Education Research

As much as I love helping with the big picture––goal setting, alignment, project coherence, and evaluation—I also love getting into the weeds. Qualitative data collection and analysis are my jam! I have other tools in my belt as well—let's talk about social network analysis and survey instrument design.

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